About Us


Who are we? 

6X Digital Asset Trading Platform(www.6x.com)is registered in Singapore. We reach out to more than 1 million users in more than 100 countries globally. We handle daily transaction volume of more than USD$200 million. 6X.com platform supports 2 million transaction per second which accommodates 20 million concurrent users.  The trading platform supports multiple languages including Chinese, English and Thai.

6x.com was started as a valuable and in-demand cryptocurrency, empowering users around the globe to learn about unlimited cryptocurrencies , like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others. We do our best to provide a top-level platform for the growth of wealth for its users.

Here at 6X, we share with you information on various aspects of unlimited cryptocurrency and other digital assets that can go on the 6X Digital Asset Trading Platform.


6X provides a secured and trusted digital asset trading platform globally.



To develop and circulate blockchain and digital assets across the globe.


Vanessa Koh, International Vice- President of 6X Tech

Vanessa Koh is a Techpreneur and a start-up specialist, who partners with CSuite Executives to engineer the best customer –centric products and deliver multimillion dollar revenues.

With a passion in technology and experience with digital assets, including cryptocurrency, she is instrumental in leading a team to create an easy-to-use tool for exchange that breaks performance barriers. Having started four technology start-up companies since 2010, she has recruited and mentored the brightest talents around Asia and worked with partners in Southeast Asia like SAAS Infrastructure, Software and Web Applications Development, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Smart Contract, Blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

Driven and with a hands-on approach, Vanessa is the driving force behind this growing digital trading platform.

Since 6X started in early 2018, the team has been providing users a secured digital asset trading platform, not limiting to cryptocurrency. 6X is a thriving community of more than 1 million users from across the globe. We welcome you to join our growing community.

Our Strengths

Strong consortium support

Over 1 million users globally

Daily transaction volumes of over USD$200 million

Multiple listing categories

Highly secure


The Future

6X Digital Asset Trading Platform continues to innovate and provide the best user experience, meeting the demands of a growing digital asset community.

6X Cloud will be established to support blockchain start-ups and enterprises, as well as our commitment to help our partners build their own exchanges.