What is XT?How can I get some?What can I do with it?

What is XT?

XT is the encryption equity certificate of the 6X trading platform, with a market cap of USD$2 billion. Following public release, the total volume of XT will be reduced to USD$954.5 million, according to market demand. XT holders will enjoy the income distribution from the 6X trading platform.


Since the inception of the organisational concept of the ‘company’, human productivity has been improved at an exponential rate, which has played an important role in promoting the advancement of human science, technology and civilization. However, with the progress of globalization and the global dissemination of alternative schools of thought, the basic form of the company's organizational development and governance model has remained unchanged for more than a hundred years. Over time, the traditional capitalist nature of the company's shareholder system and the company's organizational structure has gradually faced increasing opposition. The 6X trading platform is built on an idea that eschews the traditional corporate shareholder system and establishes a model of joint management of the community. The 6X founding team believes that the shareholders and directors of the company are as small as each employee, and every employee has a role to play in the business model. All of them contribute to the operation and development of the company. The success of the company comes from the joint efforts of the entrepreneurial team and the users. For this reason, the 6X founding team chose to form a community to manage the trading platform, in an inclusive model of management that ensures equity for every employee. The entrepreneurial team, early investors and every trading user work together to return the benefits of the platform’s development to the users, thus ensuring more equitable rewards for all stakeholders.